Artist Bio for Angela Stadlwieser

I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. I enjoyed it so much I took some of my Fine Arts degree at the University of Alberta. I have an Education degree with Art and Design as my focus. My day job which I love is teaching but my other passion is painting and creating. I have shown and still show with the Night of Artists group. (Such a fantastic group of artists - check them all out here ). I create works of art that are emotive and textured - you just want to feel them and stand close and far ... so many ways to look at a piece of art. My style is a mix of impressionism and expressionism - I create art that feels and speaks to the viewer. You can reach such a deep meaningful level with just one piece of art - even if (to the untrained eye) it is 'just a tree', 'just a street' or any other subject matter. Behind each painting, there is a story, perspective, experience and life within the captured moment - connection to what we are now and who we have become. For me - it is all about how it feels. Feel free to send me a positive comment about art and life. We all need all the positive we can get - peace, love and hope.  Read More

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