Artist Bio

Artist bio I spent a number of years of my childhood in a fly-in northern community as a minoritymember of a native community. I have often felt like I had to work to fit in and have notalways chased my own dreams first. As a U of A student, I completed two and a half years of my fine arts degree but graduated with an Education degree. I have a major in Art and Design and a minor in Special Education. I try to include the arts and creativity in everything. I now consider myself to be a revived practicing artist. Since having my children, I have become more conscious and true to who I am; as I hope they do. I have made a choice to continue my own path - by living my passion and creating art. To this point my work tends more toexpressionism; when I pick up the paints and have a canvas in front of me I become whole and a void in me has been filled. 

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